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The Second-Hand Book Shop
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This is a not-for-profit service run by the LTSU that enables students to buy cheap textbooks and earn extra money by selling old / unused books.
We offer our customers:

  • Buy online or in-store on campus
  • Fast turnaround on sales
  • The best reimbursement deal for sales
  • Convenience, inter-campus transfers available
  • Guaranteed high quality books
  • Free service for anyone to use (including non La Trobe students)

Find us & opening hours
The LTSU Second-hand Bookshop is located in the Upper Agora West (behind the Student Lounge) to the right of the Reception desk.
Store hours: 9.30am - 4pm  Monday - Friday
Online store hours: 5pm - 9am Monday - Friday + ALL DAY Sat & Sunday (online store is closed whenever shop is open)

NOTE: books can also be brought in for sale to the LTSU reception desk during office hours


Phone: (03) 9479 2314
Address: Upper West Agora (Level 2), La Trobe University, Bundoora, Vic 3086


Bring your books in for Sale
Selling Books 
Benefits for Student Union Members 
Online Sales
Unsold Books 
LTSU Bookshop Sale Agreement
ookshop Refund Policy

Bring your books in for sale.  
Books can be submitted for sale at the LTSU reception desk during office hours (Level 2, Upper West Agora Building, behind the Student Lounge). Students from La Trobe University regional campuses can hand in their books at their home campus. Due to limited shelf space we are unable to accept books that are out of date or are no longer on the LaTrobe course lists. 

Selling books We accept books on a consignment basis. This means that you will be reimbursed if/when your books sell. Students who surrender books for sale will be asked to provide a range of details including payment preference and banking information. All information provided will be protected under strict privacy guidelines. It is the responsibility of the book owner to ensure that their details are up to date.
LTSU Second-hand Book Sale Agreement.

Books are sold at 60% of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).
Sold books are reimbursed at 40% of recommended retail price.

How is this worked out?
For example if the recommended retail price of your book is $100.
We will sell it for $60 (60% of RRP)
LTSU Administration fee is $20 (20% of RRP)
You receive $40 (40% of RRP)

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Benefits for Student Union Members

When buying books, LTSU members receive an additional 10% off the shelf price.
When selling books, LTSU members received an additional 10% in commission.

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The bookshop is not just for students at La Trobe. Staff and non-students are welcome to buy and sell books from the second-hand bookshop. 

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Online Sales

Our online system can be accessed at

Books should be searched by title and author only, with the exact title or author name.

Please note: Payment must be made at the time of purchase for a book order to be completed. Orders that are not paid for are automatically deleted and the books relisted on the catalogue.

Our online service is COLLECTION ONLY. Books can be collected at the LTSU reception at the Bundoora Campus between the hours of 9.30am-4.45pm Monday to Friday.

Books bought by students from regional campuses will be transferred to their home campus via the internal mail system. Regional students should ensure they nominate the transfer option when buying books.

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Sold books are reimbursed at 40% of recommended retail price for non-LTSU members, and 50% for LTSU members.

How is this worked out?      
For example if the recommended retail price of your book is $100.
We will sell it for $60 (60% of RRP)
LTSU Administration fee is $20 (20%of RRP)
You receive $40 (40%of RRP)

The administration fee contributes to the overhead costs of running the bookshop service. This bookshop is a not-for-profit service.

Reimbursements will be processed fortnightly (every 2 weeks) and issued only in the form of Direct Deposit (Australian bank accounts only) or via a PayPal account.
Please note: A fee of $1.00 will apply for PayPal transactions. 

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Unsold Books

We are unable to guarantee that books will sell and the likelihood depends on the individual books that you hand in. Out of date and older edition titles are less likely to sell. First semester books are unlikely to sell in second semester and vice versa.
Books handed into the Second-hand Bookshop remain on our catalogue until they are sold or for a period of twelve months. We are unable to hold unsold books after this time due to limited shelf space.  Unsold books can be collected by the owner or donated to LTSU to recycle* in an environmentally friendly manner. Please tick the option you would prefer when filling out your contract.  
*Where possible books will be donated to a worthwhile charity.

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